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Subsidies. Seed capital. Subseed.
Subseed is your partner for acquiring public and private funding. We believe that both types of funding are part of the optimal financing mix. Our support has helped many companies in achieving their goals, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Public finance
Subseed supports companies to acquire grants and/or government loans. We focus on the application and administrative requirements, enabling our clients to focus on their business. We do not write expensive reports or long e-mails and we do not make promises we cannot keep. Promised.

Seed Capital
If growth cannot be financed from current cash flows, Seed Capital might be a useful solution. Depending on (a.o.) the type and stage of the company and the strength of your team, investors (funds, angels, informal investors) are willing to invest. Working closely together with renowned investors, Subseed has direct access to this type of funding, which enables our clients to reserve their seats at the tables of these investors.


Our clients are active in all sectors: financial services, ICT, manufacturing and leisure / tourism.

Example: ICT
Our client applied for a subsidy themselves. We were able to raise the subsidy +25% while lowering the administrative burden significantly.

More projects

Having the same interest and proving it every day again: acquiring funding in the optimal financing mix. That is Subseed.
The sky is always the limit and we offer you a means to get there. But when in real life the limit is at the 21st floor, we will let you know. We offer you a realistic perspective on the (im)possibilities of acquiring public/private funding and the possible impact on your daily operations. Within the limits of legislation, requirements and conditions, we will search for creative but realistic solutions. We are often willing to share the risks that acquiring financing entails. Indeed, we are a partner. Because the sum of all parts is larger than the whole.

Some examples

App development
An ICT startup is developing an app for professional users. Besides Dutch public funding programmes (e.g. R&D Tax Credit / WBSO and Innovation Credit), we are also looking for European opportunities (e.g. Eurostars). During our conversations with the entrepreneurs, we discovered that they are happy in their role as developers, but that they where not looking forward to be “managers of a company”. We helped them find the right persons for (a.o.) the business development and management roles.

A Dutch technology company develops and manufactures high tech products for globally active companies (mostly multinationals). For the development of these new products they are eligible for a broad range of national and international public funding facilities (e.g. R&D Tax Credit / WBSO, RDA, Innovation Credit and Eurostars). We take care of acquiring the funding and to fulfil all administrative requirements, they stay focused on their business.

Development of a specialised software platform
An ICT company has developed a specialised and highly sophisticated transactional software platform. We linked them to a partner that will further develop this platform for use in the leisure, eHealth and eGovernment industries. We acquire public and private funding in The Netherlands and internationally (EU and Africa). We gain insight in the company to be able to create and acquire the optimum financing mix. We are a partner to them: we add value without interfering their business.

A Dutch company in the leisure industry wants to extend their operations to Africa. To finance these international activities they are looking for additional private or public funding and/or guarantees. In consultation with all stakeholders we have created the ideal financing mix of both public and private funding. Being a true partner rather than a third party: part of the risks in the project are covered by Subseed.

Public finance

There are many opportunities to acquire public funding, provided by Governments at different levels: local or regional, national or supranational (e.g. European Commission). In The Netherlands we distinguish three types of public funding: fiscal incentives, subsidies and loans, usually referred to as ‘subsidies’ or ‘grants’.

Tax facilities
Tax facilities, e.g. the R&D Tax Credit (‘WBSO’ in Dutch), do not generate cash inflow, but they lead to a reduction of tax payments. The R&D Tax Credit will lead to a reduction of the monthly wage tax payments.

Subsidies, e.g. Eurostars, will lead to cash inflow: the granted subsidy is paid in cash to the beneficiary of the subsidy.

Government loans are exactly what you think: a loan from the Government. Usually the conditions for this type of loan are more favourable than at a commercial bank: a long grace period, lower interest rate, etc..

All types of public funding come with specific requirements and conditions, such as keeping project records or making purchases of project related hard- and/or software subject to strict market conformity checks and certifications. Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to repayment of the acquired public funding, including a fine. Public funding therefor is not just ‘free money’.


We are part of an ‘eco system’ of specialists with a primary focus on startups and scale-ups. It is our role to acquire public and private funding for these companies. Our partners within this eco-system will board when relevant: we offer a complete modular solution based on the specific needs of your company. From building a team to building a business strategy, and from building an efficient administration to acquiring relevant public and private funding. Companies that are already beyond the scale-up phase obviously can benefit from our services to acquire public and/or private funding.

We have relevant expertise to acquire a wide variety of public funding and Seed Capital. Examples of public funding programmes for R&D activities are the R&D Tax Credit / WBSO, the Innovation Box and the Innovation Credit. Public funding for international activities is acquired via the Dutch Good Growth Fund and Eurostars. Visit the specific websites of these programmes for more information (websites operated by the Government / third parties, opens in a new tab).

Dutch programmes
WBSO (Nederlands or English)
Innovation credit (Nederlands or English)

EU / International programmes
Eurostars (Nederlands or English)
Dutch Good Growth Fund (Nederlands or English)

For more information about these and other programmes and the opportunities specifically for your company, you can contact us directly.


Do you want more information, or are you interested in our services? Give us a call, send us an e-mail or fill in the contact form.

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Subseed is part of a large network of specialists focussing on startups and scale-ups. We work closely together with an early stage venture capitalist, investors, notaries, lawyers, tax advisors, etc.. All our partners are entrepreneurs themselves and they are familiar with all challenges a startup or scale-up may face.

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